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je suis un étudiant en master 2 option qualité du logiciel , je viens de créer ce blog afin de partager mes acquise et mon savoir avec des étudiant qui ont besoin d'aide et aussi pour améliorer mes connaissance

Five ways to maximize Java NIO and NIO.2

Five ways to maximize Java NIO and NIO.2 
This quick and informative introduction to the New Input/Output APIs demonstrates the advantages of the NIO and NIO.2 packages in common Java programming scenarios, including memory mapping, multi-port networking, and character encoding and searches.


Book Review: Pro Java 7 NIO.2

Book Review: Pro Java 7 NIO.2

The Pro Java 7 NIO.2 book is all about the latest enhancements to the File NIO APIs added as part of Java 7. The book covers New Path and Paths API: A brief overview of the Path and Paths classes and how these can be used to represent a file/directory. Also explained are the different